Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prom Protips

  • While getting asked to prom is cute and fun and makes you feel special, it's a lot of work to have to stay with your date the entire time and to make sure to dance with them enough.
  • Give yourself enough time to get ready. There's nothing like last minute makeup to mess up your look.
  • Never wear a strapless if your boobs aren't huge. No matter how tight you get it, you'll be pulling up your dress the entire night.
  • Bud up with someone that has wheels to go wherever with you.
  • Try and make some sort of pre prom plan with said buddy
  • If you like dancing, try to get your entire group to come shortly after it has started. That way you will get in lots of dancing with lots of people. 
  • If you want to slow dance with a specific person, make sure to be in the right spot to grab them
  • When dancing, try to just let loose and loosen up, you look uncomfortable dancing if  you are uncomfortable. Just go with the flow!
  • Try not to grind. It'a unpleasant for everyone around you to see.
  • People are the craziest partiers right after the event. Avoid these, it's very easy to catch you on prom night.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

oh, PROM.

Ah yes, the perpetually talked about cliche subject that is a favorite of every single high schooler in existence in April and May. "What does your dress look like?" "Who are you going with?" "How are you doing your hair??" "What are you doing before prom?
It kind of gets old.
Don't get me wrong, I mean, great for the people that are SO into dinners and dresses and heels and stuff, but honestly, I'm not super into that stuff.
I just love to dance. And I mean, I LOVE to dance. I really do.
I just don't like the aspect where you have to wear an uncomfortable dress allll night, the awkward "Going with a date" thing, taking pictures, doing your hair all fancy and the pre-and-after parties.
Everyone LOVES to use it as an excuse to just get trashed out of town or to get laid.
If you haven't gathered already, I'm not super into that.
Well, to say the least all the hype got me pretty stoked for Friday night, and my expectations were pretty high.
I was a little disappointed.
For pre-prom dinner I went over to my friends house and awkwardly sat around for two hours, and then we went over to the place where the dance was being held.
Dancing was pretty fun, mostly because I love dancing, but then everyone dances in the tight tight circles that you slowly move out of and then your just awkwardly outside of it, dancing by yourself. Which Is why I usually made a different circle and included the more odd kids. And then also the DJ sucked and replayed four different songs and only played 5 slow dances in the four hours I was there.
After prom all the freshman had their own little group and I wasn't really invited to anything that wasn't drinking out of town so Texas spent the night at my house and that was pretty fun, but still, not the same and a non-drinking after party.
So yeah, yay silly high schoolers.
I still had some fun though, it just was not the greatest night of my life.

Monday, May 13, 2013