Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i don't even know

It feels like I’ve been put in another Rosa’s body doing normal Rosa things and saying non Rosa things, and it’s just not clicking for me. Rosa has too much in her brain. All she wants to do in run and run for miles and only focus on my sore feet and chilly breath. She wants to clear her brain, just to shake out all the fuzzy things.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Let me just sit here and decompress for a second.

This week was supposed to be spring break, correct? 
Let me just say: there was nothing "break" about this week.
I scored a job waitressing every night while school was out, and let me just say: however hard you think waitressing is, it's that. Much. Worse. 
Upside: $$$$$ making bank, man.
Milking the tourists that were here for Iditarod for all that they were worth.
Got a few compliments on how well I was doing, and consumed a large amount of soft serve and fries.
Rosa also worked concessions shifts, did safety patrol in the middle of the nights, watched mushers come in, got mushers signatures, skiied and raced.
I think I might've gone a little crazy from sleep deprivation.
It's okay though. It's really really awesome to know I can get through that.
I feel pretty dang proud. 

I'd like to dedicate the rest of my blog post to talking about something completely different:
The fact that I am now dating someone. 
After we started going to movies and holding hands and such, people would go up to me and say "I didn't know you had a  boyfriend?? Why didn't you tell me??" Well, for starters, I didn't set out in search of a boyfriend. I'm not dating Troublemaker to fill some void in my life, because I was lonely, or God knows what.
It just... happened. And I don't understand why people expect people to basically BRAG about having a boyfriend, like it is some sort of achievement or something. Yes, he makes me happy, but I didn't set out on a mission to "get" him. It was a mutual thing that just kinda blossomed into a relationship.
My favorite thing about him and us is that we're still so very determined and have our own lives and can function without each other. We understand that we have commitments and sometimes have to do other important things, but we both know that we are so very important to each other. That is so very rare and amazing to find. (:
I've got to go put in my third load of laundry, so I promise I shall write more soon.
I hope.