Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So, I suppose I should tell ya'll about some things.
My poor blog. Lonely and untouched... 
I promise I do try and start posts, I just never get around to finishing them. Life is cray cray right now.
Lets talk about my favorite subject for a minute, shall we? 
There once was a guy named Troublemaker (don't worry, he's the complete opposite). He used to live in the lower 48. He then moved to Alaska, to my wonderful hometown. We talked a bit, he talked to other girls, and then last weekend happened. Me, Texas, and Ralayne went to the movie Warm Bodies. Troublemaker and I ended up sitting beside each other, and we made hilarious jokes the entire time. T'was Great fun. Then we started texting and talking. Turns out, we are both interested each other. So this week I have been dog sitting for someone in town, so I've been getting out on walks and and hanging out at the house with him. Alone with an adorable guy? I think yes. :))
I still don't know if we're a thing or not or what, but I definitely don't want to rush into anything.
But I do know I cannot stop thinking about him. Like, a lot. 

In other news, I have been travelling for skiing and did not too shabby in my races!
In other other news, I might get to waitress over spring break! Yeeuh hookups! 

Friday, February 8, 2013


Analogies, how I love you. So imagine this: you're at a candy store, and you're trying to figure out what you want to buy with your dollar. All you're seeing is cheapo disgusting candy, candy that's good, but hardened, some that you like but just don't feel like it, huge bags you could never afford and candy that's just a couple cents more than you could afford and you cannot seem to find those last few cents. 
Now imagine, if you will, my small town in the AK. 300 kids in my school. You've got the guys who are cheapo and disgusting, you've got the guys you're not really ever going to be into- no matter how you try, good looking guys that have hardened into jerks, guys that are way outta your league, and the ones that are cute and you're interested, but they cannot seem to notice you. 
That's my problem. 
But it's okay, because I don't need to be eating candy anyways. I'm busy with sports, and I don't need the extra weight.
There is SUCH a craving though, am I the only one around here that just wants to cuddle with someone muscular?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Uhh yeah.

OOOH holycrap.
okayokayokay updates.
*deep breath* I went to Anchorage for a ski race and learned to shoot right handed and hung out with my snowshoe friends and shopped and skiied lots and raced and the I came home and made some cupcakes with my rifle on my back and then I realized that cheerios are just doughnut seeds, and then I applied for a summer program which is stressful and I really want to get in and I got confirmed into my church and then I backed up into a car and cost myself $1,000 bucks to replace a bumper!
And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, there was this HUUUGE drama with my ski coach. Not really going to get into that, but yeah. Goody goody gum drops... 
And so so so so ahem, back to the subject I'm ALWAYS talking about on here- males. 
BigMan is way into me. Yeah, except I have no idea how I feel about him! And I don't know if I would ever want to go out with him so bad that I would have to convince my parents to let me go out with an 18 year old.  
Uhh yeah, so I was going to go to the shooting range with Mr. Mess this weekend, and ooooof course he asks "so is this like a date or something?" Um, no. No thank you.
Then there's Puker, who I have no idea what really happened with. He started texting me and teasing me about my big butt and stuff, and then asked me "What would you say if I asked you out?" And I  told him I wanted to get to  know him better, but he is impossible to text! Ugh though, he's quite cute. But anyways, we were texting a bit before he came here and he was talking real big game and everything, and I barely got so much as a hug when he was here!
Moving on, though!
Yep, there's more! 
I already kind of mentioned Champ, but this weekend we hung out a lot together during the games, and gave each other back massages. Yum yum. But yeah, he's SO cute! I get to hang out with him tonight, we'll see how that goes...
I seriously am all over the freaking place! I cannot seem to figure out any of my feelings.