Thursday, October 4, 2012

Don't hate, reciprocate.

Ookay. For reals, don't make fun. I wrote this a while ago.
...and just remembered I did it.
So here it is.

Running is a passion
for some, it is fashion
but I like to lace up my shoes
before taking a snooze
and rack up some miles
and jump over piles
of mud and rocks
and color my socks
without a frown
I pound away
thinking my legs will pay
I kick off my shoes & dig into the sand
my first foot will land
leaving the loveliest imprint
the trace of a hint
that a runner was there
without a care
splashing in the water
as my body gets hotter
while working hard
I let down my guard
and sing with glee
just happy to be
to breathe; to live
to take; to give
so I run free
as I pass along the sea
music blasting in my ears
thinking about my hopes; my fears
I push myself harder; faster
-but I’m nowhere near a master
of the sport that I love
I want to run for all of
the rest of my days
a millions steps & ways
to get me where I’m going
my pace never slowing
to get to my destination
adding up my equation
so I can finish my run
but really- things have only just begun

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