Monday, February 6, 2012

Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds are concerned with the ordinary. -Blaise Pascal

It quite annoys me how full
of themselves a lot of high
school girls are. I mean
seriously, I do not need to
see their face and boobs in
a picture every day. Have
they no shame? I would be
SO embarrassed if pictures
like that of me went on the
internet, and they just
choose to. I'm not really
ranting, but this was on my
mind today. And, they have
to wear make up all the time
in order to look "pretty".
They also are so convinced
they are the best thing in my
high school...Which doesn't
make me feel too bad about
being average or jealous of
them, because I know I am
going to go on to do bigger
and better things. Wow,
this is turning into a rant. But
seriously, I'm not angry. I'm
actually pretty fine with my
status in high school for the
most part. I have awesome
college times to look
forward to.

On a brighter note, IT WAS THIRTY DEGREES TODAY!
I actually got to go for a four mile run, it was glorious!

❥, rosa


  1. Thirty degrees is considered running weather in Alaska? WHOAA. Sixty-five degrees is running weather where I live.

    1. Compared to the 0 degrees that it was before it was pretty great! :)