Friday, May 25, 2012

Never take anything for granted. -Benjamin Disraeli

Whale whale whale...
I don't know why I just said that...
Well, I SHOULD be going to sleep right now, but of course I get inspired to write on here.
So some exciting stuff happening! And some.. Not so exciting stuff.
Let start with the good! I get my braces off in four weeks! Finally free of these shackles!
I'm also stoked to start my job at the public library tomorrow, awesome sauce!
My mom's been going through some stuff recently, 'cause her lung were all filled with fluids from when she was sick, which made it hard for her to breathe which brought her blood pressure up, and there's a cyst or something somewhere (I don't remember where) but they're pretty certain it's not cancer or anything to worry about... I'm definitely praying, she'll know tomorrow morning.
But on a brighter note, today was a pretty good day! And productive!
My morning was pretty lazy, but I went to school, got back and started cleaning (my mom had left a list or chores) so I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, washed all the cups that had gross leftover residue (which was a LOT of cups), swept and washed the floors, swept the porches, and wiped down the staircase walls. After I was done cleaning my friend Helga came over and hung out for a bit, and then we went running... I ran with Helga, Sweater, and Texas., and then after we went running we decided to go to my house for some oreo pie that I made... And then my other friend FunSize. who I have known for FOREVER texted me and told me she was in town for a bit so she came too, and it was super random but fun.(: But then after everyone left but the FunSize, and we hung out and talked serious and talked silly and had fun(: Gosh I love that girl's guts. But yeah, yay friends and running. <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beauty is only temporary, but your mind lasts you a lifetime. -Alicia Machado

Lately, I have been becoming more creative and open with my hairstyles... Like utilizing my long hair.
Which is going to make it that much harder to get it cut, because I won't be able to do as much with it.
But for running, it is reeeeeaaaallllyy annoying to run with such a long pony tail.
Thankfully, I won't have to worry about that until I get my first paycheck, which won't be for another couple weeks...
Ta Ta!

Monday, May 21, 2012

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, this month has been crazy...
Oh, you want to hear what I've been up to?
*Deep breath*
Since last month I've beendoing lots of planning and prepping, I was applying for a biathlon rifle to practice marksmanship, I was planning JROTC's military ball, I was lining up a job at the public library for this summer, I was applying for working at a day camp again, I was  running and doing school. And theeeen, I left Nome behind for a week and a half.
My trip:
My mom, TheBoy and I flew into Anchorage and hopped on the road and drove for 8 hours to Fairbanks, and I got to stop by the dorms and hang out with GhostBaby, and then we went and crashed at our hotel.
The next few days went by fast with arguements, Graduations, and helping GhostBaby pack up his dorm... P.S., it was pretty cool to hang out in the dorm room.
After that we drove to Delta Junction to visit with my brother and his fiancee, and we went out for a nice dinner and ooooof course everyone was arguing. Again. But we love eachother. My mom, my sister, and my brother's fiancee and I went to the cute little bed and breakfast and stayed in a fancy cabin.
The next day, we went on the road (AGAIN) and drove back to Anchorage.
Folloing some rest at the hotel, we hopped in the van and went to David's Bridal to pick out a bridesmaid dress for me... THAT was a weird expirience for me, because you can't evaluate the dress prior to exiting the dressing room because there's no mirror, so you could look stupid and not knw it until everyone else has seen you. After that we went to Men's Wrehouse and then drove to Alyeska so my mom could check out the wedding venue.
The following day was flying day to go to Portland, and we got to visit my grandparents.
Friday we got to go to the Nike Employee Store and I got hooked up with a crap ton of gear which I REALLY needed. And then we got to go to Ross Dress for Less and got real cute and cheap stuff there. Anf then I got to run and go swimming(:
The next day was the graduation party at my aunt's really nice house, and let me tell you: my family rocks...
So my cousins are all quite older than me, and most are over 21. So the start playing beer pong RIGHT beside my aunts and uncles and grandparents... And then my DAD walks over and asks to be taught how to play... The day was filled with hanging out with lots of family and ping pong and basketball and frisbee with silly names. I love my family.

...Which brings me to today, and I'm finally sitting home in my own house, and I have a job interveiw, receiveing and shooting my rifle and meeting with BossLady about my job at the library and the last week of school!

So... Yeah. Life has been busy.