Monday, November 25, 2013

Whee isn't life fun?

I think I owe you all (probably a whopping no one) and explanation of my life right now.
We'll so ten million years ago I wrote a post about my trip to Homer, yes? Well there was this one guy there that I kind of got to know and stuff and it turned out that he was a cross country runner too so I kind of kept in touch with him and then we saw each other at a meet a while back and started talking more again. Then by state we were hella flirting and stuff and so I went to a college fair and he drove me up to go to it too and we spent so much time together and held hands and stuff and yeah so we were basically together but then last week I just was done with doing long distance and stuff so I ended that. And then there's this freshman that I thought was pretty cool and we hung out helping out with the haunted house and I wanted to become better friends with him so we  started chatting and my goodness now he is saying he has a small crush and me and stuff and eesh I just wanted to be friends but he is way flirty... So. Oh well. I'll just continue on but I'm definitely not dating him because that would be super weird. I care about what people think of me way too much.

In other news, me and Ralayne (see past posts) aren't friends anymore. We don't even talk. I've written about her making me feel shit and stuff and she did. And she would always get annoyed at me for  everything. It made me feel crappy. So now we aren't friends. Sometimes I really really miss her, though. I don't like not having a complete best friend here, which just makes me want to graduate even more.

Another thing is the hella stress of senior year.... My geography book took forever to come in so I'm behind in that, I'm behind in my personal finance course just because I haven't been doing it, and I had to change literature course so I'm starting from scratch with that. And to top it all off, my laptop has crapped out so I'm typing this on an iPad. Wheee.

Isn't life fun?


I just need to survive to graduation...

I love you all,

Saturday, November 16, 2013


#7: Reflection

#8: Something you do every day
I go on Tumblr wayyy too much.
Day #9: Small
Me when I was small.

Day #11: Night
Sitting at home doing nothing. I did go to Zumba doe
Day #13: Where you slept
Hehe using this pic again because I'm on my bed
Day #14: Man-made
Something man made, my man! 
Day #15: In your bag
Schoolwork, yay
Day#16: The view from your window
*Distracts you from the fact that I don't have any pics of my window with better pic of Alaska*

Day #10: Something you can't {won't} live without
I can't stand not working out it drives me crazy

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

i'm lazy

So because I am so lazy and I'm not up to writing full on posts yet, but I need to get back in the habit of writing on here, I'm going to do a photo challenge with a little writing each day. Yes, I know it's 6 days late.
Oh well.

Day 1: Something beginning with a "C"

"Collage." My senior pictures!
This is for my graduation announcements. Boy, I'm ready to be done with high school.

Day 2: Color

My eye color. Hazel? I think?

Day 3: Breakfast

I jokes. I wish this was my breakfast every day, though. Mmm.

Day 4: TV

I don't watch much TV. Pretty much the only show in my life right now is Supernatural.

Day 5: 5 o'clock

I don't have any recent photos, but my 5 o'clock usually consists of this. Schoolwork.

Day 6: A favorite thing.

Running. Definitely.
It's become a way of life. I miss it.