Monday, January 30, 2012

Hope the best, expect the worst, life's a play and we are unrehearsed. -Dr.Seuss

Okay, there's some things that are unsaid rules that you don't break (unless you have to) in high school. For example: the school bus...Where you sit is based on where you rank.
|U25AC.gif          |
|U25AC.gif   U25AC.gif| <--- Extreme weirdo, or someone who doesn't ride the bus too often.
|U25AC.gif   U25AC.gif|<-----Weirdo/loser area. My brother sits there.
|U25AC.gif   U25AC.gif|<-----Losers. Sometimes I end up sitting here.
|U25AC.gif   U25AC.gif|<-----Middle class high schoolers, where it sit.
|U25AC.gif   U25AC.gif|<-----Middle class/stoners thatdon't do it on the bus&think they are cool.
|U25AC.gif   U25AC.gif|<-----"Cool" people
|U25AC.gif   U25AC.gif|<-----Not sure what is over here,it's no man's land, I guess.
|U25AC.gif   U25AC.gif|<-----Here back is stoner-ville/pot town.
|U25AC.gif   U25AC.gif|         ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
|U25AC.gif   U25AC.gif|          |  |  |  |   |  |   |  |  |  |   |  |  |  |  |   |  |  |
|U25AC.gif   U25AC.gif|  <----Back here is where people chew and spit it onto the bus floor....Only sat here once.

ta ta,

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A lot of people run a race to see who’s the fastest. I run to see who has the most guts. - Steve Prefontaine

I'm not all average, how about sports?
 I  placed  3rd  for high school 1-2-3A 
  girls  for  cross country running, that's 
   not   too  average,  and  I'm  going  to 
    Canada  to  compete  in  a  snowshoe 
     race,  and  I  won skimeister for cross
      country skiing. That's not too average,
         Sports  isn't  everything,  although  it's
          gotten    me    most    of   my   friends,
           matured      me,     and     given     me
            experiences  I  cannot  even  begin  to
             talk  about.  I  have  some  of the best,
              and some of the worst memories from
                 It's given me goals to work hard for.
                  So maybe looks don't matter too much,
                   high  school  isn't  everything.  I  plan to
                    run in college, and hopefully people will
                     see more in me then.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. -John Keats

I think I've come to terms with being average.
I mean, it's not too  bad,
besides the friendzoning,
being  overlooked,   not
having  too  much  of  a
choice  in  dudes,  being
unsure  of   myself,   not
feeling  too   remarkable
and whatnot.

Who am I kidding?
It kinda sucks in some ways, but
not all.
I mean,
Friendships don't get messed up,
I  am  not  suck  hanging  around
with snooty people all the time, I
can be a bro with my guy friends,
I stay  out of trouble, I don't care
if I join nerdy groups, I don't fear
having a bad hair day because no
one notices.
It's got it's ups and downs, but heck. I cannot really change anything.
And hey, I'm not average at everything. I'm  not  average  at running,
skiing,   snowshoeing,   multi-tasking,   being   someone   to  vent to/
shoulder to lean on & working hard.