Monday, November 25, 2013

Whee isn't life fun?

I think I owe you all (probably a whopping no one) and explanation of my life right now.
We'll so ten million years ago I wrote a post about my trip to Homer, yes? Well there was this one guy there that I kind of got to know and stuff and it turned out that he was a cross country runner too so I kind of kept in touch with him and then we saw each other at a meet a while back and started talking more again. Then by state we were hella flirting and stuff and so I went to a college fair and he drove me up to go to it too and we spent so much time together and held hands and stuff and yeah so we were basically together but then last week I just was done with doing long distance and stuff so I ended that. And then there's this freshman that I thought was pretty cool and we hung out helping out with the haunted house and I wanted to become better friends with him so we  started chatting and my goodness now he is saying he has a small crush and me and stuff and eesh I just wanted to be friends but he is way flirty... So. Oh well. I'll just continue on but I'm definitely not dating him because that would be super weird. I care about what people think of me way too much.

In other news, me and Ralayne (see past posts) aren't friends anymore. We don't even talk. I've written about her making me feel shit and stuff and she did. And she would always get annoyed at me for  everything. It made me feel crappy. So now we aren't friends. Sometimes I really really miss her, though. I don't like not having a complete best friend here, which just makes me want to graduate even more.

Another thing is the hella stress of senior year.... My geography book took forever to come in so I'm behind in that, I'm behind in my personal finance course just because I haven't been doing it, and I had to change literature course so I'm starting from scratch with that. And to top it all off, my laptop has crapped out so I'm typing this on an iPad. Wheee.

Isn't life fun?


I just need to survive to graduation...

I love you all,

Saturday, November 16, 2013


#7: Reflection

#8: Something you do every day
I go on Tumblr wayyy too much.
Day #9: Small
Me when I was small.

Day #11: Night
Sitting at home doing nothing. I did go to Zumba doe
Day #13: Where you slept
Hehe using this pic again because I'm on my bed
Day #14: Man-made
Something man made, my man! 
Day #15: In your bag
Schoolwork, yay
Day#16: The view from your window
*Distracts you from the fact that I don't have any pics of my window with better pic of Alaska*

Day #10: Something you can't {won't} live without
I can't stand not working out it drives me crazy

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

i'm lazy

So because I am so lazy and I'm not up to writing full on posts yet, but I need to get back in the habit of writing on here, I'm going to do a photo challenge with a little writing each day. Yes, I know it's 6 days late.
Oh well.

Day 1: Something beginning with a "C"

"Collage." My senior pictures!
This is for my graduation announcements. Boy, I'm ready to be done with high school.

Day 2: Color

My eye color. Hazel? I think?

Day 3: Breakfast

I jokes. I wish this was my breakfast every day, though. Mmm.

Day 4: TV

I don't watch much TV. Pretty much the only show in my life right now is Supernatural.

Day 5: 5 o'clock

I don't have any recent photos, but my 5 o'clock usually consists of this. Schoolwork.

Day 6: A favorite thing.

Running. Definitely.
It's become a way of life. I miss it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

before I kick the bucket #2

So, I'm not even going to promise that I'll try and keep up with this anymore. School is crazy, and life is crazy. Sometimes I'll write. :) In short I ran this XC season won Regionals placed 5th at state, and have been talking to college coaches.
I thought it might be cool to update my bucket list I posted a year ago today.
  • Go to college
  • Go to prom
  • Attend a murder mystery dinner
  • Ride in a helicopter 
  • Kiss a guy in the rain
  • Travel to a big city in the East Coast (other than Boston)
  • Go to a different country (other than Canada) 
  • Make a tree house 
  • Skydive (I know I know, extra extra cliche, but I have a HUGE fear of falling so I would be crazy cool to actually do this) 
  • Be in one of those zero-gravity places
  • Do crazy stuff in Wal-Mart
  • Meet a famous runner
  • Run a marathon
  • Coach a sport
  • Go to a beach that's actually warm
  • Get a deep-tissue massage
  • Write my will
  • Go to Iceland
  • Go to Chena Hot Springs, Alaska
  • Have my hair and makeup done by a professional
  • Hang out with a monkey
  • Ride the subway
  • See a Broadway musical live
  • Go to a fancy clothing store... And buy one thing.
  • Skinny dip
  • Go to a ball 
  • Go on a road trip
  • Run an ultra
  • Meet someone famous and be casual about it
  • Ride in a private jet

Thursday, August 22, 2013

why do i even try to keep up

Crap, I am a poopie.
I ditched this poor blog all summer, and here I am, crawling back on my last first day of high school. A LOT has happened, but not really. Kind of.
Well summer got out and then I decided I like punishment so I headed to a college in Alaska to spend my precious summer taking 10 college credits. Good lord, lets just say it sucked. I had the pleasure of taking Math 106, in which I spent 5-7 hours on math PER DAY. Yay me. And then I returned home to disgusting rainy cold weather for a few weeks, slumming it until my next excursion, going to Idaho for a running camp. Well, I attended that sweltering hot camp, came back, slummed it for a bit more and now, here I am. Back in the saddle of school. I did, however, take this wonderful college English class that I absolutely loved. My next post will be a story I made up for the class.
But alas until next time when I have time,
Stay classy San Diego.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prom Protips

  • While getting asked to prom is cute and fun and makes you feel special, it's a lot of work to have to stay with your date the entire time and to make sure to dance with them enough.
  • Give yourself enough time to get ready. There's nothing like last minute makeup to mess up your look.
  • Never wear a strapless if your boobs aren't huge. No matter how tight you get it, you'll be pulling up your dress the entire night.
  • Bud up with someone that has wheels to go wherever with you.
  • Try and make some sort of pre prom plan with said buddy
  • If you like dancing, try to get your entire group to come shortly after it has started. That way you will get in lots of dancing with lots of people. 
  • If you want to slow dance with a specific person, make sure to be in the right spot to grab them
  • When dancing, try to just let loose and loosen up, you look uncomfortable dancing if  you are uncomfortable. Just go with the flow!
  • Try not to grind. It'a unpleasant for everyone around you to see.
  • People are the craziest partiers right after the event. Avoid these, it's very easy to catch you on prom night.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

oh, PROM.

Ah yes, the perpetually talked about cliche subject that is a favorite of every single high schooler in existence in April and May. "What does your dress look like?" "Who are you going with?" "How are you doing your hair??" "What are you doing before prom?
It kind of gets old.
Don't get me wrong, I mean, great for the people that are SO into dinners and dresses and heels and stuff, but honestly, I'm not super into that stuff.
I just love to dance. And I mean, I LOVE to dance. I really do.
I just don't like the aspect where you have to wear an uncomfortable dress allll night, the awkward "Going with a date" thing, taking pictures, doing your hair all fancy and the pre-and-after parties.
Everyone LOVES to use it as an excuse to just get trashed out of town or to get laid.
If you haven't gathered already, I'm not super into that.
Well, to say the least all the hype got me pretty stoked for Friday night, and my expectations were pretty high.
I was a little disappointed.
For pre-prom dinner I went over to my friends house and awkwardly sat around for two hours, and then we went over to the place where the dance was being held.
Dancing was pretty fun, mostly because I love dancing, but then everyone dances in the tight tight circles that you slowly move out of and then your just awkwardly outside of it, dancing by yourself. Which Is why I usually made a different circle and included the more odd kids. And then also the DJ sucked and replayed four different songs and only played 5 slow dances in the four hours I was there.
After prom all the freshman had their own little group and I wasn't really invited to anything that wasn't drinking out of town so Texas spent the night at my house and that was pretty fun, but still, not the same and a non-drinking after party.
So yeah, yay silly high schoolers.
I still had some fun though, it just was not the greatest night of my life.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

we could be the talk across the town

I just need to get through the next two boring weeks and then I'll have some juicy things to talk about. I promise.
In the meantime, ohmygod it's my face.

Friday, April 26, 2013

holy shnitzel

Love soaking in beautiful sights. 

Yeah, so I went to Homer, AK this past weekend for a Youth Court Conference. 

It was kickin'. 

So many so very odd people that are so comfortable with who they are and how they are, I loved it. 

...And a few very attractive-looking guys. 
I've seem to have developed a defensive shield of flirty-ness and have become this player girl that flirts with everyone. 
I feel like I have to compensate for the things I don't like about myself with the things I know I rock. 

I sit around in self-reflection and realize how much of a cocky prick I've become, while deep down I still see myself as this odd-looking awkward little girl. 

And I don't even know.
I don't even know how I WANT to act! Is Rosa a flirt? Is she awkward? Is she a crazy mofo? I just dunno mayne.
I'll tell you if I ever figure that out

It's kind of getting pretty bad, because I had a couple of the most quirky, sweet guys on the hook in Homer and all I wanted to do was flirt with no regrets, except I kind of forget people still have feelings.  Crazy, I know! Who would have thought? 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

in which my title has nothing to do with the post

Most people here in rural Alaska (small towns and villages) have their cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents and second cousins around for all sorts of get-togethers, or are a short flight away from each other.
Everyone is so close to one another, and they always have stories and wisdom from their grandparents. My family's the same way, except I'm thousands of miles away. Tickets don't come cheap, so I usually see all my extended family once a year, if that. It's tough because other that my parents and siblings and I, everyone else is pretty close to one another in Oregon and Washington, making it easy to have Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter get-togethers.
I feel a little cheated from my family because of missing all of that and seeing lots of pictures on Facebook. As I've gotten older, my grandparents seem even more fragile, even more shaky and even more old. They're in their 80's, and it's hard not to think about how little time they have left.

Now I'm sad and I can't even end this post properly, so I'll... just. Go now.

Okay, maybe I'll leave you with a joke or something, so I'm not a total downer.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

In which I'm supposed to be cleaning my room

I'm back from my seven-billionth hiatus from blogging.
Because blogging is much better than doing things you should be doing...
I hope.

Lots has happened, but first of all:
I REMADE MY MUTHERFLIPPIN blog. Isn't it hawt? I spent the time I should've been showering doing that. You're welcome.

Anyways, I guess you deserve an update of just... everything. And believe me, there's a lot.

Ah, so I broke up with Troublemaker. There just wasn't any butterflies or gushy feelings toward him, so I just felt like I was faking.  I didn't want to stay with someone just to stay with them, you know? But I don't think I hurt him too much, because practically the next day he was going out with some other girl.

And so skiing! The first weekend of races were way saggy, but then the important races the week after: Duuuude. I hit 8/10! That's like... Double what I've ever hit in all my years of skiing. Annnd so I got first place for that race! ...Which also meant that I earned a spot for ski/biathlon in the 2014 Fairbanks Arctic Winter Games. 
Hell to the yes. 

I also got elected president of youth court.

I also got accepted into RAHI! *deep sigh of relief*

I promise you all a post about RAHI sometime in the near future.
Just not now. 

Sorry not sorry.

I really need to clean my room now.



Stop reading, already!

This is awkward. 

Go. Away now.



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i don't even know

It feels like I’ve been put in another Rosa’s body doing normal Rosa things and saying non Rosa things, and it’s just not clicking for me. Rosa has too much in her brain. All she wants to do in run and run for miles and only focus on my sore feet and chilly breath. She wants to clear her brain, just to shake out all the fuzzy things.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Let me just sit here and decompress for a second.

This week was supposed to be spring break, correct? 
Let me just say: there was nothing "break" about this week.
I scored a job waitressing every night while school was out, and let me just say: however hard you think waitressing is, it's that. Much. Worse. 
Upside: $$$$$ making bank, man.
Milking the tourists that were here for Iditarod for all that they were worth.
Got a few compliments on how well I was doing, and consumed a large amount of soft serve and fries.
Rosa also worked concessions shifts, did safety patrol in the middle of the nights, watched mushers come in, got mushers signatures, skiied and raced.
I think I might've gone a little crazy from sleep deprivation.
It's okay though. It's really really awesome to know I can get through that.
I feel pretty dang proud. 

I'd like to dedicate the rest of my blog post to talking about something completely different:
The fact that I am now dating someone. 
After we started going to movies and holding hands and such, people would go up to me and say "I didn't know you had a  boyfriend?? Why didn't you tell me??" Well, for starters, I didn't set out in search of a boyfriend. I'm not dating Troublemaker to fill some void in my life, because I was lonely, or God knows what.
It just... happened. And I don't understand why people expect people to basically BRAG about having a boyfriend, like it is some sort of achievement or something. Yes, he makes me happy, but I didn't set out on a mission to "get" him. It was a mutual thing that just kinda blossomed into a relationship.
My favorite thing about him and us is that we're still so very determined and have our own lives and can function without each other. We understand that we have commitments and sometimes have to do other important things, but we both know that we are so very important to each other. That is so very rare and amazing to find. (:
I've got to go put in my third load of laundry, so I promise I shall write more soon.
I hope.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So, I suppose I should tell ya'll about some things.
My poor blog. Lonely and untouched... 
I promise I do try and start posts, I just never get around to finishing them. Life is cray cray right now.
Lets talk about my favorite subject for a minute, shall we? 
There once was a guy named Troublemaker (don't worry, he's the complete opposite). He used to live in the lower 48. He then moved to Alaska, to my wonderful hometown. We talked a bit, he talked to other girls, and then last weekend happened. Me, Texas, and Ralayne went to the movie Warm Bodies. Troublemaker and I ended up sitting beside each other, and we made hilarious jokes the entire time. T'was Great fun. Then we started texting and talking. Turns out, we are both interested each other. So this week I have been dog sitting for someone in town, so I've been getting out on walks and and hanging out at the house with him. Alone with an adorable guy? I think yes. :))
I still don't know if we're a thing or not or what, but I definitely don't want to rush into anything.
But I do know I cannot stop thinking about him. Like, a lot. 

In other news, I have been travelling for skiing and did not too shabby in my races!
In other other news, I might get to waitress over spring break! Yeeuh hookups! 

Friday, February 8, 2013


Analogies, how I love you. So imagine this: you're at a candy store, and you're trying to figure out what you want to buy with your dollar. All you're seeing is cheapo disgusting candy, candy that's good, but hardened, some that you like but just don't feel like it, huge bags you could never afford and candy that's just a couple cents more than you could afford and you cannot seem to find those last few cents. 
Now imagine, if you will, my small town in the AK. 300 kids in my school. You've got the guys who are cheapo and disgusting, you've got the guys you're not really ever going to be into- no matter how you try, good looking guys that have hardened into jerks, guys that are way outta your league, and the ones that are cute and you're interested, but they cannot seem to notice you. 
That's my problem. 
But it's okay, because I don't need to be eating candy anyways. I'm busy with sports, and I don't need the extra weight.
There is SUCH a craving though, am I the only one around here that just wants to cuddle with someone muscular?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Uhh yeah.

OOOH holycrap.
okayokayokay updates.
*deep breath* I went to Anchorage for a ski race and learned to shoot right handed and hung out with my snowshoe friends and shopped and skiied lots and raced and the I came home and made some cupcakes with my rifle on my back and then I realized that cheerios are just doughnut seeds, and then I applied for a summer program which is stressful and I really want to get in and I got confirmed into my church and then I backed up into a car and cost myself $1,000 bucks to replace a bumper!
And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, there was this HUUUGE drama with my ski coach. Not really going to get into that, but yeah. Goody goody gum drops... 
And so so so so ahem, back to the subject I'm ALWAYS talking about on here- males. 
BigMan is way into me. Yeah, except I have no idea how I feel about him! And I don't know if I would ever want to go out with him so bad that I would have to convince my parents to let me go out with an 18 year old.  
Uhh yeah, so I was going to go to the shooting range with Mr. Mess this weekend, and ooooof course he asks "so is this like a date or something?" Um, no. No thank you.
Then there's Puker, who I have no idea what really happened with. He started texting me and teasing me about my big butt and stuff, and then asked me "What would you say if I asked you out?" And I  told him I wanted to get to  know him better, but he is impossible to text! Ugh though, he's quite cute. But anyways, we were texting a bit before he came here and he was talking real big game and everything, and I barely got so much as a hug when he was here!
Moving on, though!
Yep, there's more! 
I already kind of mentioned Champ, but this weekend we hung out a lot together during the games, and gave each other back massages. Yum yum. But yeah, he's SO cute! I get to hang out with him tonight, we'll see how that goes...
I seriously am all over the freaking place! I cannot seem to figure out any of my feelings.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


yayyy alaska!
bering sea freezin' over

Alaskan Yu'pik (you-pick) top called a kuspuk