Thursday, August 22, 2013

why do i even try to keep up

Crap, I am a poopie.
I ditched this poor blog all summer, and here I am, crawling back on my last first day of high school. A LOT has happened, but not really. Kind of.
Well summer got out and then I decided I like punishment so I headed to a college in Alaska to spend my precious summer taking 10 college credits. Good lord, lets just say it sucked. I had the pleasure of taking Math 106, in which I spent 5-7 hours on math PER DAY. Yay me. And then I returned home to disgusting rainy cold weather for a few weeks, slumming it until my next excursion, going to Idaho for a running camp. Well, I attended that sweltering hot camp, came back, slummed it for a bit more and now, here I am. Back in the saddle of school. I did, however, take this wonderful college English class that I absolutely loved. My next post will be a story I made up for the class.
But alas until next time when I have time,
Stay classy San Diego.